MBTI Digital Delight 

WOW.  I just had the most delightful digital MBTI experience. Even though I know it is duck soup for many, taking a valid and reliable assessment (like the MBTI) on my iPhone is almost too good to be true for me.

After loping along with a formerly well/designed website for TOO long, we engaged the genius of Christine Loeffler to create a beautiful, functional, and MOBILE site for TaylorTrain clients to enjoy. Tonite it surpassed muster…

After working with two different MBTI client groups this week, I decided to retake the awesome assessment myself  ~  but THIS time on my iPhone.  Requesting that our new site look good and function well, I knew it passed the aesthetics test with flying colors.   I had not, however, fully explored the mobile functionality. Tonite after a little relaxation seemed the perfect time. 

Logging on, I quickly worked through some of the requested demographic info, easily side-stepping the pieces I wanted to skip. That process moved so well, I decided to take form M and see how I could move through the entire assessment on my iPhone. 

My responses  registered easily, as I effortlessly read and clicked on question after question. Before I knew it, I’d wheeled through 93 items and was done! 

I was told that my consultant would be notified right away,  and because I AM the consultant, it was easy to see that my notification came in within 60 seconds. WOW. 

Thanks to Christine for more than delivering ~ and I look forward to making this option available to our mobile manic clients 😉