The PaperRoom Redefined as CLARITY5 NOWclarity5-now-400x209

The PaperRoom™ is the original name given to a our favorite 5-step process for individual and group coaching.  It was developed by Sydney Rice, President and Founder of the Boston Coaching Company.  Ms. Rice later sold The PaperRoom™ intellectual property to Jonathon Bates, CEO of ThoughtAction LLC, who now licenses it along with their suite of products based on the Results System™.  Marilyn Taylor is one of only four Master Coaches using this tool, and is currently the ONLY practitioner licensed to teach this system to other coaches.

After a dozen years of working with this process, we’ve seen outstanding results for individuals and organizations seeking clarity and change. Our experience with hundreds of clients has shown that their #1 driver – and takeaway – is CLARITY.

That’s why CLARITY5 NOW is the name TaylorTrain has given to this work…


Quick look at the Process

CLARITY5 NOW unfolds in a client-honoring way as you work through all the panels – Origins, Top Ten Experiences, Core Needs and Work Patterns. Each has its own rhythm, task and meaning. The work may be driven by personal quest, performance gaps, or transition issues. No matter. The proven process stands ready to help you set sail.

Clarity is achieved through the population of 5 panels, which coincidentally are usually completed in 5 hours. There you have it, CLARITY5 NOW*.

1. READY to begin the process

2. SET for what’s Visible

3. LEARN Life’s 4 stage Framework

4. Time to GROW

5. How about NOW?

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