TaylorTrain Launches a New Website

Since 1991, we’ve attempted to offer excellence in on-site training. These  early efforts took different forms and shapes and happened in different places. YOU learned anyway.  WE learned anyway. Through the past 25 years we’ve attempted to connect with you in many different ways. Even the jazzy music on the last generation website was an honest effort to engage and communicate with our clients 😉

Celebrating 25 by Giving Back

Amy and I are excited to launch a very special 360 Program.  This one, with 9 officers chosen by the Lexington Police Department, will commemorate our 25 years of service to the training and development needs of Lexington NC and beyond.  As we searched for a unique way lex-badgeto give back to our local community – we found no group more deserving than our own LPD!  Because of their prior experience with this transformational tool,  LPD leadership  wanted to find a way to make it available to their officers. We hope this program meets their needs, while allowing us to demonstrate our appreciation for them, in a tangible way.

Your support of our efforts will make for a great experience for this learning group.  EDGE Training Systems has offered a discount on material cost,  which will be gifted by Amy Leonard.  With donations of food and meeting space from On-Time Catering and Lexington Visitor Center ~ together we will provide a memorable launch.

We will begin a professional development journey for these public servants which will inform, challenge and uplift them in the year ahead…


GETTING CLEAR…Steven’s Story
#2 in the series

Steven came reluctantly to the coaching suite. A 15-year manager, he was accustomed to being on top of his facility and making things happen. With a solid production record, Steven provided stable leadership and demonstrated the requisite technical skill. His leadership team had a good mix of talent and worked together with a minimum of fuss. And still, there was that letter…..

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#3 in the series

She had worked successfully – and consistently – throughout her life. When she was very young her jobs revolved around the food industry. From food she moved into hospitality and then eventually, sales and service. Lina’s career took her into new cities and states, but she spent her entire career (25+ years) in the south – home sweet home.

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GETTING CLEAR…Miguel’s Story#4 in the series

I was floored to find out that an anonymous employee had contacted my boss with some disturbing news. Allegations were made concerning my job performance that I could hardly believe. Poor communicator? No follow through? No way!!! ~ I didn’t get to be a supervisor without being able to handle this stuff. Where were they coming from?

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#5 in the series

He knew exactly how he got there. Jack’s career path was one that clearly reflected the one his own father chose. He never felt pushed by his dad to follow in his footsteps. In fact, Jack initially pursued another career. But a deep pull toward what would become their mutual vocation rose up within him, and he turned his innate talent and skill toward the path he knew the best. For twenty years it held him.

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