The EDGE 360 Assessment

What is EDGE 360?

The EDGE 360* performance review process provides each employee with a multi-rater picture of his or her performance as perceived by others. This information is gathered from confidential feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers and put into a detailed 60+ page 360-Feedback report.

The TaylorTrain External 360 System utilizes EDGE 360:

Developmental in nature, our approach is to support learning and growth through creating a safe, trusting environment where real and meaningful change can occur. Specifically we:

  • Provide an introductory training session for all Leaders to be rated.
  • Facilitate the process through completion
  • Deliver individual or group feedback sessions for interpretation, application, and development of Action Plan.
  • Conduct 1-1 Corporate Coaching Sessions.

The ADVANTAGES of using the EDGE 360 multi-rater instrument:

      • Confidential feedback from peers, direct reports, and internal or external customers.
      • Feedback from supervisor(s) that can aid in communication of expectations.
      • Allows leaders to gain insight on the effectiveness of their leadership behaviors on the job.
      • Detailed 60+ page 360-feedback report available online or by e-mail or paper-based distribution.
      • The 360-degree feedback process is fully managed and monitored by Edge Training, with over 95% of feedback providers completing their confidential assessment feedback as a result.
      • Access to action planning tools, e-Learning courseware, and developmental resources.

WE AGREE. Our 14+ year partnership with EDGE has proven to bring substantial benefits to our clients time and time again.

More about the EDGE Multi-Rater System…

The Facts:

  • Includes 100 behavioral statements and 12 core competencies.
  • Features a 6-point frequency based rating scale.
  • Includes the use of open-ended questions to capture comments.
  • Is available on-line via the internet, paper if needed.
  • Optional on-line Development Center and SmartForce learning modules.

Here’s a closer look at the Data Gathering Process:

  1. Participant selects feedback providers (raters) (up to 10).
  2. Identified Raters will receive a user ID and password by email indicating that they have been selected to provide feedback for the participant
  3. Participant completes the 360 self-assessment.
  4. Feedback providers (Raters) complete the assessment.
  5. A 360 report is generated once all raters have done so.

Edge’s Companion product: The Knowledge Based Assessment…

KnowlEDGE for LEADERS is a companion, skill-based assessment. The KnowlEDGE for Leaders is a statistically validated, scenario based assessment that is designed to measure what leaders know (and need to know) about effective leadership behavior. These behaviors directly correlate to eight core leadership competencies, which were identified through research and surveys of over 5,000 managers and employees as being critically important to a leader’s success. KnowlEDGE for Leaders has been proven valid and reliable in pinpointing leadership strengths and potential training needs.

Aligned with the core competencies found in our KnowlEDGE Assessments, the Edge 360 feedback assessment report includes a Knowledge Performance Grid, which incorporates the learner’s skills knowledge and perception data – providing leaders with the most comprehensive individual leadership profile available.

*The EDGE 360 performance review assessment and the KnowlEDGE for LEADERS assessment
are products of EDGE Training Systems, based in Richmond, Virginia.

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